Friday, December 11, 2009

a final fragment - fragment 6

So, conversation incomplete, left wide open for change and challenge, here is what I speculate, at present, we the ekklesia, the congregated and the called out, in our cultural context, (among other things) have to offer: an invitation.

Not into a system of beliefs.

Not into conformity to a particular culture or tradition or spirituality or religion.

An invitation.

Not to follow us. Not to conform to our language or logic or even world-view.

An invitation not to be like us.

But to be among us.

To gather with us, in hope, in anxiety, in fear, and in doubt.

To gather together, you and we: us in all our sameness and all our difference, in Love,
and in anticipation of the birth of God.

This Good News is worth giving. Evangel-ing. Glad Tidings. Good Angels. Amen.

(How's that for a cheesy in-conclusion, friends).

God's peace.


[insert minor chord, flange, heavy reverb]


  1. Actually, an invitation "to be among us" shall be a quite fitting point to start with - for when the faithful gather in earnest anticipation of the Immanuel, the God Almighty always appears, with His wondrous acts to inspire the minds and to transform the hearts...

    May the Lord be with you & your congregation in the New Year!

  2. Thanks hammygirl. 'Tis always nice to read your feedback. God's Peace!