Thursday, May 17, 2012

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For any concerned about our hosting protesters at First Trinity, please be aware that only peaceful kids will be at our place. Also know that the march up Halsted Tuesday by a small group of self-proclaimed anarchists have nothing to do with us. 

This is the waver we are having a bus of about 30 folks sign in order to be allowed to sleep on our dirty floor.

Please share with concerned neighbors. Thank you.

First Lutheran Church of the Trinity, 
in consistency with the ancient Christian tradition of showing hospitality to strangers, 
and the five hundred year old tradition of Lutherans protesting corruption and greed, 
is happy to welcome organizers, protesters, and activists as a part of Christ's ministry at First Trinity in Chicago. 

In consistency with Christ's teachings about the Kingdom of God, in which the lowly are lifted up and the powerful brought down, where the poor and the peacemakers, the persecuted and those who mourn are blessed;

and in consistency with Martin Luther's declaration of "Here I Stand I can do no other," in the face of persecution that would have him arrested and even killed, 
we encourage peaceful protest and civil disobedience as a holy act, and speaking one's deep convictions in the face of opposition as a sacred right. 

Also in accord with Christ's teaching, First Trinity encourages non-violence in all arenas of life, including direct action and political demonstration.

With Christ, we testify that violence is not the way to peace. 

First Trinity, as a Lutheran church of Christ, therefore, encourages only peaceful action, though such action may be fueled by the righteous anger born of the love of humans and creation. 

As a place of sanctuary in Bridgeport, Chicago, and as a safe place for any seeking sanctuary, anyone deemed by the congregation or pastor to be making the community or the church less of a sanctuary, will be asked to leave immediately. 

In exchange for housing at First Trinity during the NATO summit and People's Summit, May 17-20, 2012, I __________________, agree that I will at no time participate in violent action. If it is found that I do, I will be asked to leave First Trinity and not return. If I do not comply, I will be removed from the building. 

I also agree that First Trinity is in no way responsible for any loss or damaged property during my stay, and that First Trinity is in no way liable for any injury or death that may occur during my say. 


_________________________, date________________________

_________________________, date________________________

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