Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Prelude to Bible Study

In attempt to better set the tone at our weekly Bible Studies, Vicar Toby Chow and I wrote this "prelude" for FTBS. It is loosely inspired by/allusive to the "preamble" used by some 12-step recovery groups.

I am posting it here in case it may be of help to any Bible Study leaders or clergy-types out there. I think it is helping us.

Happy to receive comments/critiques/suggestions.


Prelude to Bible Study 
+ First Lutheran Church of the Trinity + 

First Trinity Bible Study is time set aside each week where any who desire to gather in search for understanding, meaning, faith, hope, and love may do so in a spirit of welcome, respect, and openness.  

We seek to listen for a “still small voice” through the words of scripture, the words shared in our circle, and in the meditations of our hearts. 

The Bible contains many books, speaks in many voices, and sees God’s story from many vantage points. And so we seek to listen to the voices of all who gather, and strain to see from the vantage point of those who differ from us and our experiences. 

The only requirement for belonging at Bible Study is the desire to learn and to deepen your understanding of the meaning of faith and its implication for your life. All are welcomed and valued at Bible Study, regardless of church membership, Christian identity, or affiliation with any religion. 

We are committed to journeying together, and helping one another on the Way. 

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