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Christmas Pageant 2015 - Mary and Jesus in Chicago

Friends - Some of you requested a copy of this year's Christmas Pageant Script. Here it is! Hope you like it. Written by Alicia Ibarrra, Toby Chow, Rene Paquin, Tom Gaulke. Directed by Diane Hochstetter.
First Lutheran Church of the Trinity
Chicago, Illinois

SONG 1 - O Little Town of Bethlehem

Opening - Scene 1: Joseph Freaks Out
Joseph paces back and and forth under the bridge, thinking of running away

Narrator: In the cold month of December, in the seventh year of the reign Obama, when Rauner was governor of Illinois, and Emanuel the mayor of the city of Chicago, a young man and girlfriend were living under a bridge near the church. The man’s name was Joseph. And he was about to receive some Good News.

Phone Rings
Joseph (on cell phone): Hey man, thanks for getting back to me. I gotta go. i’m running out of minutes, but I really need this job. I can start, like, tomorrow. Thanks, buddy.
Joseph hangs up cell phone.
Enter: Mary.

Mary: Ummmm… Joseph? I have something to tell you

Joseph: Oh no! Now what?

Mary: Joseph… I’m… I’m gonna have a baby!

Joseph: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! But… How… What…?!?!?!

Mary: I dunno what to tell you Joseph, but it’s true.

Joseph: How could she do this? We’re engaged, and she’s having someone else’s baby!  I don’t want to marry her anymore. I still like her, but….How can I get out of this? I could just leave. I could send her a snapchat after I’m gone….

Joseph falls asleep

Narrator: As Joseph thought about how he might leave or if he should stay, he became very sleepy. He laid down for a nap under the bridge…

“Dream angel” music plays

Angel appears

Dream angel: Joseph, son of David!
If you like it then you better put a ring on it!  
Get married to Mary! Don’t leave her!
Mary’s baby is from God. You will be the father of God’s son.
You will name him Jesus--God saves--because he will save his people from their sins.  
Remember what the prophet said:
“Watch for this: a virgin will give birth to a son;
they will name him Immanuel”

Joseph: If I marry Mary, will we get out from under this bridge and into a real home?

Angel fades away
Music “Earth Angel” plays as he exits

Scene 2: Mary visits clinic; angel visits Mary
Joseph is toward back of stage “at work”  ; Mary goes alone to clinic. Sign reads: NAZARETH WOMEN’S CLINIC; Mary approaches nervously, (Guardian Angel may accompany her).

Narrator: As Joseph took up his friend on the job offer, (He really needed money now!) Mary thought she’d go to the clinic alone, just be to sure. This was a big deal. And if they had a baby on the way, she wanted to be ready.

She saw the big sign “Nazareth Women’s Clinic,” and she nervously went toward the door. She also saw a lot of other signs… And they weren’t very friendly.

She was confused and afraid.

Mary walks in

Angel Gabriel (Desk Clerk): Hey sweety. You here for an appointment?

Mary: Who, me? Yeah, I need a pregnancy test.

Angel Gabriel: Oh, honey. Don’t look so afraid. Take a deep breath.

Come here. I got a special message for you. Let me tell ya:

You’re definitely pregnant and will give birth to a son.

Mary: What?! Are you kidding?

Angel Gabriel: No, Mary! Your son will be great. He will be called ‘Son of the Highest.’ The Lord God.  But you can just call him Jesus. Jesus means “God saves.”

Mary: I still don’t understand how I am pregnant. I’m not even “married” to Joseph yet, and, yeah--I really like him! But… If I have a baby I’m afraid he’ll leave!

Angel Gabriel: Chill out, babe! The Holy Spirit made you pregnant. Your child will be called Holy, Son of God. Don’t be afraid.

Mary: Of course I’m afraid! I’m homeless, not married and pregnant! This is impossible!

Angel Gabriel: Of course it’s not impossible! I heard at Dunkin Donuts that your cousin Elizabeth, who is super old, has conceived a son. Everyone said she couldn’t have no babies, and look at her now!!!

Nothing, you see, is impossible with God.

Mary: Ok, I guess I get it.  If this is God’s will I guess I better be ready.  I hope that Joseph and I can find a place to live.  

Angel leaves. END SCENE.

Scene 3 - Mary Visits Elizabeth
Narrator: Mary knew that if she was going to have a baby, she needed a place to stay for a while. So she borrowed a CTA pass and got on the orange line and showed up at her cousin Elizabeth’s house in the land of Larry Dominick, in a town called Cicero.

Knocks on door, door opens ; The two women hug a lot


Mary: Hey cuz. How are you? I heard you were expecting!

Elizabeth: Oh my goodness so are you!!!

Mary: But you’re so old.

Elizabeth: But you’re so young!

They both laugh and hug again

Elizabeth: I’m glad you’re here with me. There is enough space here that we can both sleep and eat, so our babies can be born!

Mary and Elizabeth both a feel a kick in their wombs

Mary: Did you feel that?

Elizabeth: The child in my womb leapt for joy, Mary! He knows already, before he’s even born, that your baby will be special. You’ll be called Blessed, Mary. And blessed is the fruit of your womb!

Mary: Oh, Elizabeth! I’m so happy, I could sing!

SONG 2: My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord   
Scene 4 - It’s Time!!!
Street cleaning signs hanging up

Narrator: Soon after the time came for Elizabeth to give birth. Mary headed back to see Joseph.

In those days a decree went out from the Mayor that all of Wacker Drive and every bridge everywhere were to be “cleaned up” and all possessions that were found were to be thrown away.

So when Mary and Joseph returned to their spot, they realized they had nothing. All of their belongings were on their way to the dump.

Mary: Joseph! I think the baby wants to come out!

Joseph: OH SHOOT! Not now! Well, let’s find a hospital.

Mary: Yes! Yes! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!

Narrator: So they went out in search of a hospital where they could give birth to this promised Son of God. But none of the trains were running, and all of their things had been thrown away…

They were without a dime, without a place, and Mary was in so much pain.

They wandered the city in search of help,

and finally happened upon Daley Plaza, where they saw a small wooden decoration filled with hay and plastic people and even some fake animals.

It seemed strange to them, but it looked warm.

So they went in. No one was around.

And there, in the manger, Mary gave birth to a baby boy.


Scene 5

When this all took place, a few janitors and cooks were on break, and had gone to a gas station for coffee, as they usually took break together, around midnight. There were also some students. They had come to get energy drinks to study, as it was finals.

An angel of the Lord appeared to them. They’d never seen an angel before, and they were afraid.


Angel: Do not be afraid! I bring you good news of great Joy. Today a messiah, a king has been born in the City of Chicago. See that star in the sky? It will stop above him. He’ll be wrapped in old clothing and a big old coat. His parents are taking great care! Go! See this child.

Narrator: So they set out and followed the start to the place where it stopped, and they came upon Daley Plaza, and for their surprise, they found him there, as the angel had foretold, wrapped, and sleeping in the nativity scene, in the manger.

The janitors and cooks and students told Mary and Joseph all that the angels had told them.

And on their way home, they told everyone what had happened.

But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.

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