Saturday, February 13, 2016

"the devil is full of d*rt." or "if you really are the son of god..."

Daily(ish) Blogging in Lent 2016 - Day Three

the dirt devil [photo source] 

"If you really are the Son of God..." -Satan, to Jesus in the Wilderness (Luke 4:3)

The Devil is full of d*rt. And the Devil wants us to believe that we are d*rt. According to scripture, the Devil quotes scripture at us. The Devil would have us believe the words of Ash Wednesday, the words of scripture: 

“You are dust,” “From dust you came,” “to dust you shall return;” 

and the Devil would have us believe them wrongly. 

St. Augustine spoke of the Trinity once as Beloved, Lover, and Love

St. Gregory said that that “the Holy Ghost is Love.” (Even though Aquinas, erroneously disagreed). 
Yes we are crafted from the dust, from the mud, from the earth. From dirt. We are children of the earth. Thank God. Because God the Creator, in God’s Love, reached into the dirt, lovingly creating us, and breathing into us God’s very Spirit—the Holy Ghost—Love! 

We are made from dust. 

We are born of Love. 

The Devil will try to convince us that we don’t measure up. That we are “less than” because we are too fat or too skinny or gay or addicted or confused or smart, too unbelieving or doubtful or lusty or anxious or too hard-to-relate-to, too disabled or dumb or undocumented or privileged or rich or poor or set-in-our-ways or because we have too many regrets, such a spotty, shameful past. 


The past is dust. Dirt. And to dirt it has returned. It's gone. Bury it. 

But God is Love.

Love is your source. Love is your destination. 

And nothing in all of creation can ever separate you from the love of God. (Romans 8:39)

The Devil is full of d*rt. 

You are born of love. 

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